The Little BOX

Two ballerinas are standing on top of a giant music box. The show takes us on a trip amongst the cogs that transform and give life to a beautiful story about the forbidden love between music and dance, under the King Fear’s reign. The company works to combine the scenic arts with new technologies to create shows directed toward audiences young and old in a universe of dreams where everything is possible. A story about despotism and forbidden love, in a cosmos governed by music and dance.


“As a child, the curiosity about discovering what was hidden inside little music boxes brought me to destroy some.  As a grown-up, I have had the opportunity to form a team and make up the story I would have liked to find in the first little box I ever opened.” 

Diego Caicedo Melchiade

The little box takes part of the programme “Support for Creation” Fira Tàrrega 2019.


  • Audience capacity: 10 people.
  • Duration: 5 minutes.
  • Recommended age: + 5
  • Set up time: 2h 30m.
  • Dismantling time: 2h.

    Structure dimensions:

  • Height 4,40 m

  • Width 4,40 m

    Technical requirements:

  • Power point 220 V

  • Flat area 7x7 m plus the space for the audience entrance.

  • A proper access for the van to the setting-up area.

  • Parking nearby for the van.

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