The INNER world

A short piece for all audiences in which an actor interacts with holographic puppets, as well as real objects.

Hakan realises that he is empty inside. His light has gone out. This is the start of a journey to get that light back, a path through the dream world he shares with various personal objects that come to life and very real holograms. It is an adventure that takes place inside a little wooden theatre for 16 people built from recycled material and inspired by the Inca tradition.

The INNER world was premiered at Fira Tàrrega 2016 and has participated at different festivals in Catalonia, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Portugal and Spain.



  • Audience capacity: 16 people
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Age: +5
  • Assembly: 3h
  • Disassembly: 2h

    Structure dimensions:

  • Height 2,20 m

  • Length 5 m

    Necessitats tècniques:

  • Power point 220 V.

  • Flat area 8x4 m plus the space for the audience entrance.

  • A proper access for the van to the setting-up area.

  • Parking nearby for the van.

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